Featured Side Gigs

Life/work balance is constantly juxtaposed to always hustlin' in a way that frustrates me — at least in the tech-entrepreneur sector. Life is more a long game in exploring curiosities and building upon those experiences to learn from others. Below are my favorites:

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A mobile app developed to replace "Google Reader", but strictly for music. It developed in response to my peer group striving to be the first to locate the best new music and earning that credibility. I will still claim that I discovered SZA before you. You can learn more about the project here.

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Assistant for JRW Entertainment

I worked part-time for Jessica for 3-years as she transitioned from the Daily Show to 2DQ and feature films. Yes, she's as great as you'd imagine. This opportunity proved 'right place, right time' to be true, and maybe a little bit of asking for what you want, and I can't forget the recommendations of collaborators. It's a good story. This gig provided me with a peak into the dynamics of the Entertainment & Media industry, which I applied to talent management at Crowdtap.


Improv for Growth

It began as a way to build confidence in professional settings and to flex my curiosity to perform since high school. I noticed the parallels to emergent systems, (thanks, CCT!), dug deeper and I was hooked. It's still incredibly fun and I'm always exploring new shows and ways to get more stage time.