Featured 9-5

A highlight of accomplishments while working for Crowdtap 


Benchmark Analytics: Influencer Campaigns
Tactic: Create reputable methodology for measuring Influencer ROI

Challenge:  How might we track results across social platforms to reflect the performance across social platforms, content, vertical, and demographic?
Strategy:  I collected a large sample size of engagement on social posts from across social platforms. Once collected, together with our analytics team, I standardized reporting metrics and created internal reporting process for transparency for identification and recruitment stages as well as forecasting campaign based on audience, verticals and demographics. 
Result:  With a baseline established, our reporting was more transparent and success  identifiable. Iterations included Tableau for visualizations and more advanced query options.


Growth of Crowdtapper Member Base
Tactic: Attract Socialstar audiences to Crowdtap

Challenge:  How might we best attract underserved audiences on our platform without paying steep acquisition prices?   
Strategy: Leverage the creativity of the most engaged influencers and invite their audiences to participate on the platform. This multifaceted approach included a user research phase, and ideation phase, wireframes and a simplified build to simplify our on-boarding flow for new members.
Result:  Diversification in activations and improved self-reported user satisfaction.  Learnings included what participants were willing to be asked to do, what types of asked worked best with differing audience and demographics, identify bugs and improvements.


Stop our user leaky bucket: Reduce Member Churn
Tactic: Sampling Email Campaigns

Challenge:  How might we reduce churn while improving quality of member participation in client  sampling programs?
Strategy:  I standardized the transparency of sampling requirements across internal teams. With criteria identified, teammates recruited segmented members to avoid fatigue. Next, I oversaw work with the UX team to revamp our email strategy including copy, CTAs, and imagery and targeted based on multi-faceted segmentations. I tracked opens, returns to site and campaign sign-ups.
Result:  Reduced member churn by 30% month-over-month and decreased member fatigue with segmenting similar product lines to different audiences (i.e. competing shampoo products)