Give a Damn. Create. / by Lauren Barnett

This evening I went to an event at a creative agency in Dumbo about storytelling. It struck me as the panelists wrapped up their previous work that nothing that they said provoked me. They were repeating the same words and phrases I've heard as I've attempted to 'build my brand' and craft a narrative that I can be proud of. But mostly what struck me is that they DID something.

at play in South Williamsburg

Play + Creation

I took this image from a bus window. Evening as a child were free of self-censor and this moment just felt nostalgically magic. shot on iPhone

These 'creatives' took action even when I would have told myself 'too risky.' Those risks were financial, those risks were taking pen to paper, cuts to film (pixels?), shots on goal. I've consistently held an internal dialogue with myself that begins "I will..." or "I could..." but I'm not the grittiest of doers. I start a personal project, I walk away, I've started and stopped hobbies that I give myself credit for knowing a little bit about a lot. 

Those who DO have kept me up at night. They give enough of themselves into their actions that it's the do-ing that keeps them going, not the perfection. I'm telling myself to start creating, to be a do-er, and to hold myself accountable, I'm putting it all in the same place. I'll probably start projects, post series, and maybe let them dwindle, but I hold myself accountable to posting 3x per week. Maybe I'll archive these early ones as I find my themes, maybe I won't. I want others to see the input, the doing and, I want to see what I can accomplish.